Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
Reforestation Benefits

The Importance of Trees

     Trees, through the process of photosynthesis, help to "filter out" the carbon pollution in our air by absorbing carbon gases from the air and creating oxygen, as well as organic tree mass, bark, wood, fruits, and leaves.

Reforestation is the re-foresting of lands, meaning that trees are planted to replace those which have been cut down.

One single tree on its own is beautiful and enjoyable to our eyes.   

However, when trees are planted together, they create forests ... it is in the forest that the ecological impact can be felt.
Forests create natural, healthy, habitats for life, from the bugs, to the squirrels, to the birds, to the plants.

A healthy forest indicates a healthy Earth ... and a healthy Earth is where we choose to live with health and abundance.
Nowadays, the Earth is crying out for a natural alternative to her global warming illness and traumatic climate changes.

As a forest, the trees collectively make our lives better.

The benefits of reforesting ...
* To help ensure quality air and water by natural methods.
* To reduce global warming, which causes weather catastrophes such as hurricanes and other disasters, and affects our lives and livelihood.

It is SUPER imperative to restore our forests by planting trees in strategically chosen and ecologically sound locations.

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