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Thank you for taking an interest in our selection of eco-friendly products.

We are excited to be part of a GROWING number of companies who are recognizing the benefit of being 'green' and wish to encourage even more!

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First Green Financial helps you become debt-free in less than 1/2 the time. 
We support the environment. 

Every month you are paying amazing amounts of interest to your loaner while the principle is hardly paid. It feels like it will never end. 
Well ... though you can't erase what you owe, you can ABSOLUTELY reduce the interest payments each and every single month:
1) WITHOUT refinancing;
2) WITHOUT any tax return;
3) WITHOUT any additional money out of pocket
     (meaning, your current monthly payments do not increase); and
4) WITH NO change to your life style.
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* We are Better Business Bureau approved and recieved the Ernst & Young award for this mathemaical algorithm.


The Green Guide Girls: Guide to Book Publishing


This is the ONLY book made on 100% recycled and earth-friendly products ~ from cover to cover, the cover itself, and all the pages and ink, too!  It teaches you how to simply and easily create a book which is healthy for people and the planet.  Now you can learn how to manufacture using materials that are good for our environment, avoid cutting down trees and produce less smog ~ all described in the book.  The book is “brilliant” and “green”!


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An Inconvenient Truth on DVD -                 Clean House Clean Planet  - 
documentary with Al Gore, explaining            a book with practical ways to 
about global warming and how you                clean your home using ONLY 
can make a difference on our planet.             (Organic) safe, natural ingredients.
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It is a MUST see!                         It is a MUST have!


Babylon - "Translation in one-easy-click"

Type any word into the "Translate ..." box, then click "Go".
Instead of having many different dictionaries and encyclopedias, in different languages, taking your up valuable space on your shelves, and made of paper from trees that were cut down! 
This is a dictionary that does it all in one-click. No paper is used; it is all electronically done.
Instead of going through the pages, trying to find your word(s), Babylon will find it for you in one-easy-click. 
It can even translate whole sentences into different languages.
And if you are not sure how to pronounce a word, Babylon will even "say" it for you.

Click here to download the dictionary - it is free to try it out!

Millionaire Prince and Millionaire Princess ORGANIC T-shirts, 100% organic cotton, dyed with 100% clay using natural materials and processes to nurture the environment, and printed with non-toxic, non-PVC, eco-responsible inks.  The Millionaire Princess uses profits to feed children around the world.  It is eco-superb!

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Every child is a millionaire prince or princess at
        Feed the Hearts and Minds of children.

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