Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
Eco-Employment ... (Jobs)

If you are passionately interested in any of the jobs below, 
please fax your resume to (609) 482-8333
Please make sure to include your full name, your phone and fax numbers, your email address, your resume, and why you know you are the best fit. 
We suggest you read over the Plant a Tree USA™ site to fully understand our mission, as we might ask you questions.
This is an excellent opportunity for individuals to be an integral part of Plant a Tree USA™ and our business' effect on the world's businesses and eco-growth.
Your relationship with Plant a Tree USA™ will help you grow as well <-- that is a promise.

People who are fully comfortable and passionate to share the Plant a Tree USA business and missions.
Implement Plant a Tree USA business ideas into fruition with corporations and individuals across the world. 
Eco-educators must have a burning desire to improve our Mother Earth, our planet who is being damaged in an alarming pace. 
Need basic computer skills, including how to browse and search over the Internet.
Absolute MUST is confidence in yourself.
Experience standing in front of audience, a plus.
Background and/or knowledge of Ecology, a plus as well. 
If you can show that you are a quick learner, have an excellent memory, and can speak publically in a compelling passionate manner - you are in, Congrats!

Experienced tree planters needed urgently to save the planet!
Passion for Reforestation.
Intimate knowledge of land and native trees. 
Farmers and Tree Planters who own land/farm is a plus.
Familiarity with entire process:
* growing own or purchasing seedlings 
* stewardship of trees for life of trees
* ability to photograph trees
Knowledge of the following:
* time frame for entire process (time per tree)
* cost of the entire process (cost per tree).
Payment is based on the number of trees planted!

Personal Assistants
This is a hands-on job, which requires an open mind.  
Candidates must be able to think outside of the box and possess capability to work under time constraints. 
Must have mastery of the English language; thorough and flawless when composing letters/emails and precise when taking phone calls.
Must have excelling ability to keep business neat and orderly at all times, in the physical world and in cyberspace. 
Quick learning capabilities to understand the needs of and be successful to interface with Plant a Tree USA's partners or employees, such as tree planters, eco-educators, web designer(s), accountant(s), and attorneys.
Computer skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet surfing, Online travel reservations). Familiarity with Quickbooks is a plus.
Friendly, supportive, creative and able to adjust quickly to new ideas.
Innovative and dedicated to planting 18 billion trees and educating millions.

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