Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
How do we produce carbon?

Years ago, people lived in harmony with the environment, more so than today.  Humans used the land and "took from" the surroundings, but nothing compared to now.  In our days, we live in a technologically advanced society.  We have created unbelievable advances, and our inventions and creations are truly marvelous.  However, the impact on our world is devastating, when we do not act responsibly.

Trees naturally reduce carbon in the atmosphere by doing what they always do .. photosynthesis ... taking the carbon out of the air, and together with sunlight and water, creating oxygen and tree mass for wood and paper products, shade for cooling and energy reduction, soil stability, beauty, and habitats for an uncountable number of creatures big, small, and human.

Please Carbon Calculate NOW!

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