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Thank You

This Thank You page was once short and is now growing in leaps, due to the wonderful people and companies, with whom Plant a Tree USA™ has the honor of working together.  
PLEASE read this page until the end ...

Many thanks for their support and excitement go to Farmer Suzanne and Farmer Michael in Illinois, who saw a vision when others did not open their eyes.

Thank you to the Artilia Foundation of NJ for inviting Plant a Tree USA™ to be their corporate sponsor.  The Artilia Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to create a legacy of educational opportunities for generations to come by developing a network of college preparatory charter boarding schools within NJ; with the first partner school to open in Camden County (2007). Partner schools will address the needs of students whose environments are impeding their ability to succeed academically.  The Artilia Foundation plants schools and Plant a Tree USA™ plants trees!

Thanks to Donna and Ashley Kendra, a mother-daughter business team and who actively support  Plant a Tree USA™.  They are part of their special family, who appreciate each other and life, keep perspective, and respect Mother Earth.

Thank you to Jeremy Laidlaw, owner of Robinhood Tech a web development company, who centers his love for humanity within his excellent business.  Jeremy can multi-task to the exponential degree, succeeding to conduct business calls while handing our sandwiches to those who most need them, and succeeding to make the people he contacts know he is listening and effectively assisting.  Thank you, Jeremy for your input, your experience, your patient manner, and our Plant a Tree USA™ website design.

Thank you to Marissa's mommy, Karen Brown, the graphic designer and consultant for Plant a Tree USA™.  Karen's belief in our mission at Plant a Tree USA™ is as important as her unequivocal experience, creativity, and eye for a finished product.

Thank you to Thomas Kemper of Dolphin Blue, a paper company dedicated to Environmentally Responsible Office Supplies.  Dolphin Blue described itself as "Responsible Stewardship of our Earth's Resources through Conscientious Purchasing of Everyday Business Supplies," and their slogan states "Your order is an Investment in a Sustainable World".  Our highest praise and regards is saluted to this company and their conscientious and compassionate President and Founder.  Finding Dolphin Blue was, in fact, Plant a Tree USA™'s best google search ever.

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