Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
Welcome Tree Friends!

Welcome to the Plant a Tree USA™ individual site.  

Plant a Tree USA™ is an ecologically friendly reforestation company  Through a well-structured education plan, responsible planting, and corporate alliances, we are planting over 18 billion trees. 

Plant a Tree USA™'s program specifically helps and encourages farmers who are dedicated to reforestation.  Lands across the country are used for farming, but our Plant a Tree USA™ farmers see the value in reforesting.  Our plantings go to encouraging more farmers to plant trees on their lands.  Plant a Tree, Build the Forest, Sustain our Earth, and Enlighten our Future. 

Trees purify the air, increase natural beauty, calm our souls, and are a perfect way to honor and remember special people. 

Click here to purchase tree plantings.  When a tree is planted in honor of, for the birth of, or in memory of a person or an event, Plant a Tree USA™ creates a beautifully designed, personalized certificate. This certificate connects the recipient to the Plant a Tree USA™ site where the recipient can view the grove in which the trees are planted. The site offers transformational educational activities and an invitation to make positive, credible impacts on our world!

If you are a large company, small business, organizations, or individual dedicated to planting large numbers of trees, please visit our Plant a Tree USA™ corporate site and enjoy our corporate discounts. 

Plant a Tree USA™ is a" for-benefit enterprise, an emerging class of organization that blends the attributes of a non-profit with the engine of entrepreneurship." (quote from The Peace Company).

If you wish to donate land (i.e. from an estate) to be reforested, please contact Plant a Tree USA™.

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