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Gift Certificates

Our Gift Certificates come in any denomination, starting at $18 and up:

This gift can arrive instantaneously, directly to the email address of the recipient, allowing the recipient to receive and use your gift card immediately.

Click here to send us the details of the Gift Certificate. 
All emails are processed in less than 24 hours.

You can call us for special requests: 1-877-A-TREE-4-U.
A representative WILL respond to you (by email or phone) within 24 hours, otherwise you get $18 free, to apply to any gift certificate.

Our email is:

The gift certificates can be used towards any of the folowing:
Plant a Tree USA weekend special gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, Grandparent's Day gifts, Christmas gifts, Chanukah gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, New Year's gifts, Easter gifts, Kwanza gifts, Rosh Hashana gifts, Tu B'Shevat gifts, President's Day gifts, and any other occasions or Holiday gifts.
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