Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
Authors Save World

Attention all AUTHORS and PUBLISHERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have TWO specials for you


Plant a Tree USA has a special program for authors and publishers, who want to encourage tree plantings and help our environment. 

As an author, you have the power to enlighten your readers, on your topic of expertise as well as on environmental responsibility.

Involvement with the program ...
    * costs nothing to you
    * makes you and your book(s) "greener"
    * generates funds for you or your favorite charity

On the last page of your book or publication, you can use the Plant a Tree USA
™ logo and website address, together with your book or publication title as the promotional code.

For every tree planting that is ordered using your book/publication title as the promotional code, you or your charity of choice will receive a beautiful portion of the tree planting proceeds.

This is a service Plant a Tree USA
offers to authors/publishers at no expense.  The goal of this Book Advertising Campaign is FOR SHARING AND GIVING BACK and to help Plant a Tree USA reach its goal of planting 18 billion trees, educating millions, and helping millions make credible positive impacts on our world FASTER than thought possible!

It is truly as easy as 1, 2, tree (like the literary pun?).

Trees give us paper, and we love and need paper, especially in GREAT BOOKS and MAGAZINES!  
To thank your readers for reading your book/publication and getting to the back page, thank them by educating them on the need to reforest.
This is a beautiful way to give back to Mother Earth, who provides us with the trees, the paper, the natural material for book publications.
The more trees that are planted in honor of your book or publication, the more funds are in turn given back to you or your favorite charity.

Some people ask why Plant a Tree USA would financially endow authors and publishers for encouraging tree plantings.
It is quite simple.

When you make $money$ for being GREEN, you are more excited about continuing your eco-responsible behavior.
It is the role of Plant a Tree USA
to reward authors and publishers financially or benefit their favorite charities. 

Please sign up as an Author/Publisher Eco-Affiliate NOW!


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Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
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