Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions

Plant a Tree USA™'s Founder and CEO will come to your corporation and present ...

Here is what those who have seen and sensed the presentation say:

I want to thank you for sharing your passion for the urgent need for greenness and eco-responsibility.  I can admit that until that moment in Hawaii, I had not been conscious about the need for planting trees and all of their wonderful benefits.  During your presentation, many thoughts, feelings and ideas came over me.  Initially, I thought, "Wow!  Where have I been to not have known how urgent this call to action really is”!?!  Perhaps it was your passionate presentation that hooked my inner soul.  My subsequent thoughts marched directly to a personal call to action.  My mind raced with excitement, compiling a list of folks from our own network – I decided that I would share this info with as many as possible.  In fact, I have shared your story with my friends, family and co-workers.
thank you for your gentle, loving presentation.  It has opened my eyes, my heart and my mind.
- Lori Basnett
Inspirational and Concrete Business Leader

Your presentation touched my heart as you expressed your
soulfelt experiences with us. 
You are truely a wonderful person and
have the ability to inspire those you meet.
The World desperately
needs to hear your message at this time.
- Wajid
Speaker, Healer, Actor and Teacher, Wajid, helps share the vision of creating Enlightened Millionaires Worldwide.

It was so beautiful when we all stood up and stretched our arms high to be as trees and closed our eyes.  It was a perfect moment of group surrendeur.  Everyone just naturally went into feeling mode.  That's where the trees are and that where the group consciousness is where we can make a change like planting a billion trees.  It was such an innocent experience that after closing our eyes and listening to whatever it was you said as soon as we sat down you had transferred that responsibility to us.  I instantly turned to John
Hutchins on the left side of me and asked, "So what is it?  I am responsible for planting a million trees?" "Yes, he replied we are each responsible for planting a million."  I turned to my right side to verify again that that was really true and again I got agreement.  There was a beautiful feeling of "and so it is" and "so it is done." and this is how we accomplish it all on that level of feeling on that quiet level of silence where we are unified with each other and with nature.  I believe this one exercise is all you really need to do... just keep assigning the loving responsibility to all and thy will be done, thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  Perhaps, it is all done through simply just actually innocently remembering to love and be those trees. Tree-ific!
- Karen Logan Lasoff
Author of Clean House, Clean Planet 

The presentation about Plant a Tree USA™ was lively and informative on a deep level. Being asked to be a tree in a forest...and then to be responsible for 1,000,000 trees...was invigorating and at the same time awe inspiring. It made the accountability for all my environmental actions take on life. 
Thank you for making your passion for eco-responsibility infectious." 
- Dr. Joyce, Psychologist & Empowerment Expert

The first thing I noticed about your presentation was when you took the focus off yourself and said that "it" wasn't about you. 
You stepped outside the circle and we focused on your banner. 
When you first had us "be" trees I felt a little foolish and a bit like a little kid. 
I trust you and went along with the program. 
Then, I started to feel connected to the other "trees " in the room and it was cool. 
I closed my eyes and started to sway. 
I felt relaxed and happy. 
I was mostly in my head thinking about the value of your passion and wondering how I could help. 
- Merry Hoag 
Enlightened Emotional Systems Educator

More accolades for Plant a Tree USA™:

I am extremely appreciative of y'all's efforts, kindness, and generosity! 
I am so glad I had stumbled upon your website and am grateful that there are wonderful and positive advocates for Gaia, because she needs all the love she can get right now.  
As for the eco-affiliate, I would be happy to spread the news and love to my social networks to aid in your mission. 
As for the recipient of my eco-code, I would like to nominate Heifer International. 
I hope to be successful in gaining respondents. 
... I have a gift for y'all, too....HUGE HUGS FOR EVERYONE ;)
... I do appreciate all your efforts and am, and always will be, supportive of the cause towards Mother Nature.

Thanks for your time, concern, and mission.
- Jessica Kinkade
Eco-Affiliate for Plant a Tree USA™











Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
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