Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions

Make money through the Eco-Fundraiser by signing up as an Eco-Affiliate!

Plant a Tree USA™ has a special program for charities/organizations/schools who want to encourage tree plantings, help our environment, and support their beloved, most favorite charities all at the same time!

For every tree planting purchased in honor or in memory of someone, Plant a Tree USA™ will send proceeds from the tree plantings back to charities, organizations, schools, …

Within your charities/organizations/schools, you have the power to enlighten your members and students.
You then have a rippling effect both financially through fundraising and on a deep level through education and environmental responsibility.

Plant a Tree USA™ offers charities/organizations/schools the use of the Plant a Tree USA™ logo and “Celebrating life one tree at a time” slogan free of charge.  You are welcome to use the Plant a Tree USA™ logo on your charities/organizations/schools website and marketing materials after signing up.

For every tree planting that is ordered using your charities/organizations/schools name as the promotional code, your charities/organizations/schools will receive a beautiful portion of the tree planting proceeds.

This is a service Plant a Tree USA™ offers to organizations at no expense.  The goal of this ECO-FUNDRAISING Campaign is FOR SHARING AND GIVING BACK and to help Plant a Tree USA™ reach its goal of planting 18 billion trees, educating millions, and helping millions make credible positive impacts on our world FASTER than thought possible!

It is truly as easy as “1, 2, tree!”™

This is a natural way to fundraise and to give back to Mother Earth.
The more trees that are planted in honor of your charities/organizations/schools and through your efforts, the more donations your charities/organizations/schools receives.

Sign up as a Plant a Tree USA™ Eco-Affiliate now!

Your charities/organizations/schools are appreciated for helping bring Mother Earth "Back in a snap!"™

Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
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