Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
Giving Back

We all use the products of trees everyday, multiple times a day. Just think of the pieces of paper you use to scribble on, the books you read, the newspapers and magazines you peruse, the toilet paper (the softer the better), the tissues, the paper plates. It is our responsibility to replenish the world with what we use. If every person could plant a tree in honor of their birth, in honor of their life, and in their memory at their death – each person could GIVE BACK and in other words PAY FORWARD to replenish what they have used!

When you take something – you have two choices, to return or to never give it back. When we use – the item is gone! When we use and replenish we grow new resources for the next time we and our children NEED again!

Trees are more then “paper suppliers”. Trees are our world’s HOPE for carbon recycling. Let’s explain just a bit … since our world now-a-days uses energy in the form of fossil fuels (such as gasoline, coal, …) there is an excess of carbon given off into our atmosphere. Now, carbon can be a good or even a great thing when it is in the form of let’s say a diamond but in the form of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide (invisible gas which kills while you sleep), let us simply say – we can do without the excess!

Years ago, people lived more in harmony with the environment. Humans used the land and "took from" the surroundings, but nothing compared to now. In our days, we live in a technologically advanced society. We have created unbelievable advances, and our inventions and creations are truly marvelous. However, the impact on our world is devastating.

Our company Plant a Tree USA™'s mission is to alleviate some of the human impact on the environment by offering an easy way for people to see how their daily activities affect the number of trees that were cut (for their paper and wood products) as well as a measure of carbon emissions into the air due to activities (driving a car, flying in a plane, using household appliances, etc, etc., imagine everything we do EVERYDAY!). We offer a "rule of thumb" educational equation, equating the quantity of carbon emissions in the air with the carbon-fixing ability of an average sized tree.

Plant a Tree USA™ then demonstrates an easy method for people to have REAL LIVE TREES planted and stewarded for the life of the tree, to offset the carbon in the air. Trees, through the process of photosynthesis, take the carbon from the air and create oxygen, as well as organic tree mass, bark, wood, fruits, leaves, ... The trees help to "filter out" the carbon gases from the air. 

Plant a Tree USA™ empowers individuals, organizations, and corporations of all sizes with a way to "make up for" pollution due to human activities and GIVE BACK by planting trees. The educational and action-incentivising information allows people to see what activities cause a small amount of carbon emissions and a small interference in environmental balance and which activities cause LARGE detrimental effects on our environment.

Our Carbon Calculator assists people to calculate how many trees they need to have planted to replenish the trees for the paper products they use/consume and the number of trees they need to have planted to counterbalance the carbon pollution they caused into the air.  Our goal is to watch people plant more trees and do less of the human activities, which are most detrimental to our planet.

Plant a Tree USA™ is dedicated to our goal of planting 18,000,000,000 (or more) trees and educating in this most unique method!

Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
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