Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
Who we are

Welcome to Plant a Tree USA!
You and your corporation have just entered into a new age advertising and community support blend. This blend gives back to the community who supports your business as well as increases your visibility in the kindest of ways.

For every name you email to us, we will send a beautiful personalized certificate to your customer. The certificate will have your business’s details to best expose your company, while hanging on the wall of the recipient’s home. You give a gift and in return you are advertised on their wall for all their friends, family and guests in their home or office to see.

And, do not forget the good you are doing to our Mother Earth. Trees have been cut and cleared from too many places and our cities are tree-barren streets. In reforesting our farms and cities, we are repopulating our world with the greenest of creatures – our trees.

Our Goals
Plant a Tree USA™ is proud to be welcomed into the circle of a growing network of businesses interested in building and sharing wealth. Plant a Tree USA™ donates 18% of its profits to charity.

Plant a Tree USA™’s goals are

  • to plant 18,000,000,000 trees (yes, you read correctly – eighteen billion),
  • to educate EVERYONE about the immediate need for reforestation, and
  • to help promote and advertise companies who make reforestation a priority. These companies contribute by giving money – yes MONEY to reforestation on a continuing basis in honor of and in memory of people and accomplishments!

It is our intention to reach our goals as quickly as possible so that we can set bigger and MORE GIVING goals!

Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
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