Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
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Look at these statistics (Source: The 2006 Cone Millennial Cause Study, commissed by Cone, Inc.):

  • 83% trust a company more if it is environmentally responsible;
  • ~74% will pay attention to a company that has a commitment;
  • ~89% will to switch a brand if it is associated with a good cause;
  • 66%-69% consider a company’s environmental commitment in order to shop or recommend its products/services.

Plant a Tree USA™ is a 100% environmentally responsible company, who is planting 18 billion trees and commited to help your company increase its revenue while helping Mother Earth.

We provide you the following services:

  • training classes tailored for your managers and/or all employees;
  • seminars to grow your business, for companies and corporations of all sizes, including both management and employees;

The classes and seminars teach:

  • how to significantlly increase your company's PR while becoming "green";
  • how to maximize 24/7 "green" advertising for your company;
  • "green" ways to significally increase the company's image and sales;
  • ways to increase bottom-line by reducing company's expenses with simple daily business routines which are "green";
  • how to raise your employees awareness, consciousness, and efficiency for growth;
  • "green" marketing techniques, with all business costs 100% tax-expensable;
  • special "green" educational requests from your company.

To schedule a training class, seminar, or conference for your company, managers, and employees and for any questions or inquiries, please email us at:

Your entire business community will feel better about their work environment and feel empowered about their work and company policies.

Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
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