Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
Speaking at your event

When you invite Plant a Tree USA™ you automatically enter into the world of leading "green" companies.
Plant a Tree USA™ is proud to be planting 18 billion trees.

Plant a Tree USA™ provides the following services:
  • speaking at events hosted by your company or where your company is participating;
  • hosting or participating in conference calls for your employees or management team;
  • supervising and/or managing activities that involve helping Mother Earth;
  • lecturing about the importance of being "green";
  • initiating a "green" compaign for your company;
  • awards and employee recognition program;
  • any other service that pertains to helping your company reaching it's "green" goals

Below are some excerpts from very sucessful events ....

UNEP, United Nations Environmental Programme,
UN Headquarters, New York City

Our CEO, Cindy, after speaking on Earth Day 
about the importance of the environment,
took the initiative to clean Mother Earth

Plant a Tree USA™ (left) was invited to speak
with the famous International Author 
Mark Victor Hanson (right) and his Inner Circle

Kids event on Earth day

Speaking at schools about Organic vegetables and fruits,
making it a fun and educational day, kids never forget

To invite Plant a Tree USA™ to speak at your place of work, non-profit venue, community event, business event, educational institution, or to lead a discussion, please email us at

Planting 18 billion trees and Educating millions
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